Real Estate Investments

Investment Advisory

At Milner Global, we pride ourselves in analyzing and offering the best investment opportunities in residential, commercial and industrial real estate, developments and other types of emerging investment opportunities. 

Our focus is particularly lasered onto the California (USA) and Mumbai (India) markets to maximize your return on investment as well as to help you make the most of emerging markets in these areas. Milner Global also specializes in advising and aiding in the growth of crowdfunded real estate projects in these areas, an emerging investment opportunity that all business people should know about.

If you are looking to find advice and consultations from talented professionals on investing in real estate, both commercial and residential, contact our offices today to set up your introductory appointment. 

Business Advisory

Our business consultants use hard data and statistics to analyze the most intelligent and revenue-focused business opportunities in your area of choice. Based upon these opportunities, the consultants help clients to choose the best options for their budgets, specifically when it comes to opening franchises in both the United States and in India. 

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